March in Manchester

March 16, 2015


Hat: Target $16

Sweater: Thrift Shop $2 
Pants: Charlotte Russe $20
Booties: TJ Maxx $35


Hat: Target $16
Quartz Necklace: Ebay $2
Sweater: Joyce Leslie $5
Jeans: Target $20
Under Tank: H&M $7
Booties: TJ Maxx $35


I am huge on look-alike name brand things, I don’t feel the need to spend a lot of money just  for the name. Hey, ill admit, I do have my fair share of things that are name brand. However, I shop way to much to buy them all the time. Here are my comfy look alike “timbs”. They are great for snow and winter weather and were only $30 on eBay. Click my eBay link in the sidebar to get a pair!


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