All About the Stripes

May 27, 2015

I have found this website and I can’t get off! It is called Romwe and it has the best clothes with a cost that is indcredibley cheap! Everything I have gotten is great quality material as well. For example, the shirt and shorts I am wearing below are both from

Shirt: $7.55
High Waisted Shorts: $8.23 
(Thats very inexpensive if you ask me)

Sunglasses: $2.12 – on My eBay collections (link in sidebar)

Necklace: $5.57 – AliExpress → type in coin boho necklace and this and other great necklaces come up. Just be prepared to wait longer since it is being shipped from China

Shoes: $9.00 – Platos closet (originally from Nine West!)


Mix & Match!
Same outfit details as above besides my jeans: $9.95 from H&M


Romper: Ebay $9

(Oyy, one day I will remember to take the hair tie off my wrist before I take pictures)






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