A Brief Introduction- Thailand

January 10, 2016

For those who don’t know, Dan and I are teaching english in Thailand for three months! Upon arrival, the area in which we were being placed to teach was unknown. This also meant that the school, the age group, the accommodation, etc. was to be sorted out after a week of orientation in  Hua Hin. The unknown didn’t bother us. We did this because we wanted a change, which is why we decided to go for it! The orientation in Hua Hin was amazing (we went through a program called Xplore Asia). We made relationships with some of the coolest people from all over the world!

Luckily, Dan and I got placed in Hua Hin! Our placement was exciting because we were already familiar with the area from orientation. In addition, it is also by the mountains and the beach! We ended up getting a job teaching at a really nice school that speaks mostly English which is very helpful. I teach 2-3 year olds that jump on me and constantly want my attention. I know that sounds easy but, let me tell you, it is SO exhausting. Dan teaches 9-11 year olds and he is already loved by all of the kids. 

Many accomodations in Thailand have no hot water, no wifi, and no air conditioning. Often times there isn’t even a shower (just a trash can filled with water which is known as a thai bath) accompanied by a toilet called the “squatty potty”. Look it up. We got so lucky with our apartment. We have a western toilet, two bathrooms, two balconies with beautiful views, air conditioning, hot water and a nice living room. However, before finding this apartment, Dan and I were told we had to find housing on our own (normally you get help). So, we rented motor scooters and searched for the whole day. We were feeling hopeless until we finally found our current home. With one room left we decided to check it out and we were amazed. For one month it costs 10,000 baht. This equates to $285 USD, split between Dan and I, we pay $143 per person. Awesome right? Everything is extremely cheap for Americans here. This is because $1 USD equals 35 Baht. A typical meal costs me $1-$3 and a massage is $5 for one hour!

Food is huge here. People don’t cook much though, they go out to eat every night because every street has multiple restaurants and food stands. It is also not cheaper to buy groceries and make your own food like it is at home. I don’t mind going out to eat. I struggled in the beginning to find healthy options but, I am finally finding my groove. I swear, half of the places we eat at look like dives but they have by far the best food I have ever had in my life.

In Thailand everyone helps the community. Whether you have a small market food stand,  a restaurant, a chicken feet soup stand, a fried squid or banana stand, everyone gets business. Also, anywhere you go you don’t tip. It makes me feel so guilty but, that is their culture so you just have to go with it! As the Thais say- mai pen rai “no worries”.

Heres some pictures of our place!
image image image image image image

Our scooters

image image
Khao Tao Temple
image image image image image image imageimage image image image image

Rescue Paws!

image imageimage image image

The pineapple farm

image image image image
Hutsadin Elephant Foundation

image image image image


The “American Mall”

image image image image image image image

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xo Keri

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