NYFW Look One- The Yellow Trend

September 12, 2017

Ok, So I will be honest. This was my first FULL NYFW! I had gone to the past two seasons for about two days but that was all. I gotta say, I love it! However, it does get super stressful at times. This week I went to the shows for the first time and there is something so amazing about them. The music is loud, your surrounded by so many people who have the same interests as you, and lets be real, who doesn’t like all the paparazzi out front taking pictures as you walk in. 

Being around people in the industry and seeing all your top fashion icons and celebrities really makes you motivated to keep pushing for what you want. At times, it can be tough because it is so hard not to compare yourself to others. But, you have to remember, they all started from somewhere too!


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