Santa Fe, New Mexico : Part 1

September 29, 2017

I had the opportunity to head West to Santa Fe New Mexico a few weeks ago! I’ll be honest, New Mexico is a place I have never been, nor thought about heading to. Low and behold, I am so glad I went! Santa Fe is stunning and the mountains surrounding the city made the landscape ohhh so beautiful!

Below I am sharing all of the things I did, what I ate, and all of the things that make this city so amazing!


I had the pleasure of staying at Sunrise Springs Spa Resort for my first night in Santa Fe. This oasis was a relaxing break from the fast paced city. They offered activities that are tailored to your needs. They had puppies to play with and silkies that were so soft and adorable. In addition, Sunrise Springs also offered candlelight yoga, bathing in private Ojitos, culinary classes, hiking, fitness classes, and more! There truly is something for all! I can see why it’s rated the 3rd best spa destination in the US! I want to bring my friends sometime and stay a bit longer so that I’m able to take advantage of all that this place had to offer!

The well known chef, Rocky, prepared an amazing 3 course meal for us! It was to die for!

Below: Roasted chicken with melted blue cheese, fried onions, and broccolini, in a pesto sauce over a sweet cornmeal bread.

Below: The “Elvis”

Below: Bathing in the private Ojito, SO relaxing!

Below: Fresh squash omelet made with ingredients grown on the property!


El Rancho De Las Golondrinas  //  As you can see below, this is such a great place to get a feel for the rich culture of the region and become immersed in the history of New Mexico!

Santa Fe School of Cooking // Chef Deena taught us about the green and red chile and how it is significant in the culture. We also got to get our handy dirty and make some yummy tamales. This was one of the best meals I had during my time in Santa Fe!

Meow Wolf // This is one activity I can’t put into words! The best way to describe the installation would be a mix between Alice in Wonderland and Stranger Things! It is definitely a place you need to check out! 

Flamenco at El Farol // Over the course of our dinner full of delicious tapas, we got to experience a Flamenco performance! It was such a neat experience. El Farol is definitely a must see if you are heading to Santa Fe! 

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