Low Carb Breads

August 9, 2019

Lets talk carbssss! When I speak to many people about my diet, they think I only eat salad. This however, is so far from the truth! Below are my favorite low carb breads, wraps, and tortillas. These products seriously change the game for me. You’ll be able to eat all your favorite meals while keeping your carb count down.

But first, if you don’t already know what a net carb is, it is the grams of total carbohydrates in a portion of food minus its grams of fiber. Because fiber is a carbohydrate that your body cannot digest, it does not raise your blood sugar levels or trigger an insulin response.

Here is a basic breakdown:

When figuring out how many carbs are in these products, take the carb amount and subtract it from the fiber. This wrap would then have 4 net carbs.

1. Tumaro’s Wraps – Net Carbs 4-5g . Varies depending on the flavor you get!

Good for: sandwiches, quesadillas, tacos, pizza crust, burrito, and more!

2. Mission Carb Balance Tortillas- Net Carbs 5g
Good for: tacos, burritos, breakfast wrap

3. Flatout- Net carbs 6g
Good for: sandwich wraps, breakfast wraps, pizza crusts

4. Josephs wraps & Pitas- Net Carbs 4g
Good for: sandwiches, pizza crusts, gyros

5. Sara Lee & Pepperidge Farm- Net Carbs 6.5-7g per slice
Good for- sandwiches, hot dogs, burgers, you name it!

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