Apartment Tour!

October 3, 2019

After almost 3 years we finally decided to redo our apartment decor. With the help of amazing sponsors of course. For example all prints you see below are from Desenio! The prices are great and the variety of prints will actually make you a little stressed haha! Sometimes I can be indecisive, it also doesn’t help that Dan doesn’t always like what I choose!

Rugs, which I will link below are from multiple stores. However the kitchen and living room rug are from Rugs USA, linked below!

We get the majority of furniture at Ikea! you can find my desk HERE, our bookcase HERE, my shoe wall bookshelves HERE, Similar island kitchen HERE, bedroom mirror HERE

Couch is the SVEN from Article linked HERE, but also another similar can be found HERE, or a cheaper one from amazon linked below!

>>> click here <<<

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