Todays Look 10/25/2019

October 25, 2019

I am going to start posting the majority of my outfits on my blog. I am not sure why I ever stopped, but I’m sad I did. I wanna look back at my blog as a journal. When I was a kid, I used to write in my diary daily. Reading my diary today, makes me SO happy I did!

Even if you don’t feel like writing, or posting about your day, you are always going to look back and say “I am so glad I did that”. Take home videos for example (you know the ones filmed on the old VCR, concrete sized cameras…or am I really dating myself haha!). My mom took each of our VCR tapes, turned them into DVD’s, and gave us all the videos she recorded of my sister and I growing up for Christmas one year. WHAT A GIFT! I literally get to watch my entire childhood. Yes, she video taped EVERYTHING and man, I am so glad she did. It is insane what memories a video/photo can bring back. We seem to think we will remember a lot in our life, but we tend to forget. I mean, how fun is looking back at old memories?!

ok I’m rambling. Anyway, even if no one comes on my “Todays Look” page, I am going to be happy when I look back at more of my outfits. It will be nice to see the evolution of my style and growth! I also wanna share a quick note on how I am feeling that day/week!

Today I am feeling super excited its Friday, my favorite day!


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